Simply stated, these are the finest made and designed dangerous game leather products ever created. Made to my exact specifications by internationally renown Galco Gunleather, they are made to last a lifetime using only the finest materials. Each leather piece is richly embossed with the Nitro Express Safaris logo.

Ammo Carriers are available in these calibers .375 H.H., .416 Rem. Mag., .450/400 N.E., .450 3¼" N.E., .450 #2 N.E., .500/465 N.E., .470 N.E., .475 #2 N.E., .500 3" N.E., .500 Jeffery, .505 Gibbs, .577 N.E., .600 N.E.

Great Hunting & Best Wishes,

Professional Hunter

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