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Mark Sullivan's Greatest Buffalo Hunts
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

Greatest Buffalo Hunts is my 12th DVD and one of my best. This movie contains all of my greatest, life and death charges, plus my most memorable buffalo hunts and highlight footage; all in one DVD. Buffalo Hunts is also my longest running movie, nearly two solid hours. Of special interest, and something everyone will play over and over again, is the 13 minute hi-lite introduction. This incredible production features jammed-packed, non-stop action of the highest quality. Shot after shot, pounding after pounding, up-close action that will keep you riveted to your TV. Never before in the history of dangerous game hunting has a movie had so much heart-pounding footage. Even I cannot get enough and I've watched it dozens of times. Take my word for it, it's that good.

Featured in Greatest Buffalo Hunts are 12 sensational hunts including the charge that started it all, the famous blood-on-the-shoes Africa's Black Death charge, then more recently the Sudden Death charge, Death on the Run charge, both buffalo charges in Death at My Feet, and the Death Rush charge. In addition, six other great buffalo hunts are also included.

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