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"Greatest Buffalo Hunts"
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In recent years, my manner and method of hunting has increasingly come under attach. Watch this movie and you will know why. Yes, I willingly walk up to wounded Cape buffalo and invite a charge. So what? I make no apologies for how I hunt. Yes, I do what no other professional hunter is willing to do. But this is how I chose to live my life. This movie tells my story. You will see for yourself, all my greatest footage, all the times I could have been killed, but feined death at the last second; just feet away.

Of course, I have my detractors, but that is hunting as I know and practice it. When push comes to shove, I shove. I thrive on the challenge of trying to stay alive in the face of certain death. Doing what other professional hunters and clients, given the same opportunity, are not willing or able to do. Greatest Buffalo Hunts gives you all of my greatest footage in one DVD. This movie is the greatest bang for the buck I can offer you. This movie has over-the-top adreneline like you have come to expect from Nitro Express Productions.

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