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"Death Rush"
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"Death Rush"
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

Simply stated, Death Rush is my best movie ever! For those of you not familiar with my work, this statement may not mean much. But take it from me, this movie has over-the-top adrenaline and will go down in history as the greatest dangerous game hunting movie ever made. Filmed enitrely on location in Tanzania, East Africa during the 2005 hunting season, Death Rush takes you on a journey through nine fabulous hunts for monster rogue bull hippo and huge Cape buffalo. Tossed in for good measure is a hunt for an incredible Selous bull elephant the likes of which few hunters ever see.

Featured in this movie are six kill or be killed charges of which one is the single finest charge I have ever experienced as a professional hunter. The beast in question was an old rogue bull hippo that I found deep inside a snake- infested korongo far away from any river or lake. As much as I hate to admit it, this great warrior almost got me and it was just by the Grace of God that I was not killed. Although my first shot hit him in the head at something less than 10 feet, my 750 grain .577 bullet missed the brain and on failing to kill him, the enraged beast kept advancing. I remember thinking he was going to kill me. At some point, his massive 7,000 pound frame came hurling to the ground within spitting distance of my shoes. I had just time to ram another thumb-sized slug into his brain before he got me. The footage of this charge is nothing short of amazing. Even if I were given another 100 tries, I could not film it better. Guaranteed, you will watch this charge over and over again for as long as you live or until you wear it out.

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