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"Death Rush"
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There are three other spectacular hippo charges, anyone of which is as good as anything you've ever seen in your life, and two Cape buffalo charges to compliment the movie. I know I'm going to be asked this question for the rest of my life so I might as well answer it now. Why so many charges in a single season? Just lucky I guess. Some years are better than others.

I am not into killing something for the sake of killing, but I love hunting and for me, the ethical hunting of dangerous game means walking up an giving the gallant warrior the choice of how he is to die in battle rather than deciding his fate for him by blasting him into oblivion from a safe distance. By giving him the choice (and the opportunity), I know he will do one of two things; run away or charge. It is that simple.

Whichever he chooses, it is the animal that decides how and when he is going to die; not me. By the same token, if he charges and I don't do my job correctly; I die. Even with that prospect hanging over my head, my philosophy in hunting dangerous game has always remained the same; I love it when they charge and I hate it when they run. Like I say, some years are luckier than others and this was one such year.

I f you like the thrill of watching Africa's most dangerous game charge, if you like seeing people putting their lives on the line, risking everything in the face of certain death; then you will love this movie. Death Rush is unlike anything you've ever seen before. To quote a line from the great Ted Nugent who has been so gracious in giving his endorsement of this movie, "Mark Sullivan has outdone Mark Sullivan. The man rocks!" I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I have bringing it to you.

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