The Ultimate FlashLight.
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

No hunter should be without a good flashlight while he is out in the field. But the problem has always been what kind to carry and how best to carry it. Once again I have turned to Galco Gunleather and SureFire (makers of the world`s finest flashlights) to make for me what I consider to be the best of all worlds; the perfect fitted leather holster designed specifically for the SureFire A2 Aviator flashlight.

I am confident you will find this combination of flashlight and custom hand- made leather sheath an unbeatable combination. It is what I use, day in and day out. I`m never without them as I am sure you won`t want to be either. Please remember, at night, when push comes to shove and your very life hangs in the balance, you need a light equal to the task. Well, this is it.

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