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A Personal Letter

To all of my loyal Customers, Hunting Clients and Friends

As a result of the large number of inquiries from so many of you, I wanted to alert you to a yet to be explained action by Safari Club International (SCI). Every year I look forward to attending the annual SCI Convention usually held in Reno, Nevada. For the January 2010 SCI Convention, the SCI Executive Committee unilaterally and without prior notice or warning notified me that I would not be allowed to have an exhibitors booth.

They took this action just before the start of my 2009 safari season in Tanzania knowing that I would have little or no time to challenge this unexplained action. I immediately requested an explanation, a hearing, a meeting or just an opportunity to have someone at SCI inform me of the basis for this decision. I even offered to return home from Africa in the middle of my season just to meet with the Executive Committee. SCI rejected that idea, refused all of my requests, said the decision was final, and flatly refused to tell me why they were doing this.

SCI`s conduct should be measured by its members and the hunting community with great scrutiny and a determined demand for transparency and fairness. Bear in mind that I am one of the earliest members of SCI dating back to June 1976 when I first drove down from Phoenix, Arizona to Tucson to meet with C.J. McElroy, SCI`s founder and president. As a result of that meeting Mac and I became lifelong friends. It was Mac who steered me in the right direction and who booked my first safari to Zambia in 1977. I was SCI`s first Master Measurer; being trained by Mac himself, measuring all of Mac`s trophies for inclusion into the first SCI Record Book.

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