My wife Kathy and I contributed generously to the building of the SCI Museum and Headquarters and were featured guests at its Grand Opening. We were one of just five couples to be honored at the highest donor level. I served as Regional Vice President and attended Executive Committee meetings. My wife and I have supported SCI and its programs for over thirty-three years. We`ve donated to SCI, donated hunts to be sold at the Convention to benefit SCI, and have been a faithful exhibitor at the Convention since 1989. For 2010 we donated a $25,000 safari which was later refused when SCI terminated our participation. In these troubling economic times this decision by SCI in and by itself seems hard to understand begging one to question; What is the real reason for my expulsion?

More importantly, and evidently forgotten or arrogantly overlooked by SCI is the fact that my hunting style, my world-wide sales of thousands of dangerous game movies and my two books have probably done more to reinvigorate safari hunting in Africa than any single individual in the last twenty years. Long before the flood of movies on the market today, there was Africa`s Black Death and the "blood-on-the-shoes" footage brought to you only by Nitro Express Safaris. This pioneering footage and eleven unique movies to follow, as well as my emphasis on hunting up close with a large caliber double rifle pushed and encouraged thousands of new hunters to hunt in Africa. All of this benefitted SCI without any cost to it.

I greatly appreciate all of the support I have received from hunters, customers, friends, clients and SCI members on this perplexing and unexplained action taken by SCI this year. Your outpouring of compassion and outrage at their decision encourages me to continue to try to convince SCI that it made a mistake and there is in fact room at the Convention for a professional hunter that relishes the opportunity to challenge Africa`s most dangerous game within the distance of the smell-of-its-breath. Rest assured, I will always provide unique hunting experiences for my hunting clients as well as spectacular footage of close encounters with buffalo, hippo, lion, elephant and leopard. This year alone my clients enjoyed four of the greatest charges I have ever experienced; adding once more to the growing list of hunters who have stood their ground, faced death on the hoof, standing toe-to-toe with me.

Most of all, I regret that I will not be able to spend time with you and personally deliver my movies and books to you at the Convention this year. I have always cherished and valued those meetings, handshakes, autographs, and photos. I will miss it all. In closing, I wish to thank each and every one of you who have, over the many years, supported me by purchasing my movies, books and safaris. To all of you, please accept my deepest and warmest "thank you". God bless each and every one of you and God bless this great country of ours.

With Warmest Regards,

Mark Sullivan

Professional Hunter

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