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Video Clip Coming Soon -Hunting Video "Use Enough Death" by Mark Sullivan -
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Use Enough "DEATH!"
Professional Hunter

* Three Hours Long!

* Over 175 gun shots!

* No Commercials!

* Filmed entirely in High-Definition! (HD)

* Ear protection recommended when watching this movie!

It has been seven years since I have had a new movie; not since 2005 when I filmed Death Rush. In between I produced two excellent movies, "Greatest Hippo Charges" and "Greatest Buffalo Hunts" which were composites of previously viewed footage. In Use Enough Death...all of the footage is brand new!

At nearly three hours long "Use Enough Death" is my longest movie by more than an hour. I decided to "go all out" because I wanted to give my loyal customers and friends from around the world my best effort, my finest work. Use Enough Death was filmed entirely in High-Definition (HD). The result is a movie of a hunting lifetime.

Enough Death features 13 complete hunts. Mostly buffalo, but with big maned lion and elephant thrown in for good measure. You will be amazed at the quality of game taken. The buffalo are all big, old bulls, mostly dugga boys. The over-the-shoulder filming of these giants getting hammered with big double rifles is out of this world; the best you have ever seen! The lion and elephant footage is also fabulous. So good are the shooting scenes you will find yourself on the edge of your seat wishing it was you busting these monsters instead of me and my clients. And of course, I replay all the shots in super slow-motion just the way you want it!

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