Hunting Video "Use Enough Death" by Mark Sullivan -
Use Enough Death
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New to this movie is a 25 minute Special Feature on dangerous game hunting "the Sullivan way." Hunters around the world keep asking me "how I do what I do and why?" So I tell you. I show you step-by- step of what you must do, what you shouldn't do, and the things you need to know to survive a life and death charge from a buffalo or rogue bull hippo. I give away all of my secrets, but with this warning:

Be careful of what you wish may come true!

The only thing better than watching this movie is if you were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with me as we face black death. Which reminds me, when you're ready to book your next safari or your first, give me a call. I will be honored to take you.

This is Mark Sullivan, thanking you for your business!

Remember...shoot straight and always...

Use Enough Death!

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