Brown Bear 2010

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Brown Bear Hunting Alaskan Brown Bear - Brown Bear 2010

To all of my friends, customers and clients:

I wish to share with you photos from my recent and most successful brown bear hunt this past May. It is not very often that I get the opportunity to hunt for myself so when my good friend and outfitter, Creig Butler, owner of invited me to come, I jumped at the offer. Creig runs a great camp. His exclusive hunting area ranges over 120 magnificent miles of pristine Alaskan Peninsula coastline offering hunters the unique opportunity to "honestly" get a bear of their dreams. The bear I took is such a bear. A trophy of a hunting lifetime.

The first time I spotted this brute was on day 8; about two miles away. The day was warm and clear. A rarity in those parts. On that distant mountainside was also a big chocolate colored boar that my guide estimated would be a solid 9 footer. As we sat watching this bear through our spotting scopes we noticed he was acting nervous, as though he was "not" the biggest bear in the woods. Our intuitions soon proved correct. Coming from out of a thick alder patch a couple hundred yards to his left was "my" bear. He had smelled and seen the intruder and was in no mood for companionship. The big boar methodically pursued the chocolate boar and soon had him going over the top of the highest mountain and out of sight. Watching these two great bears was a thrill I will never forget. The time spent studying them through the spotting scope gave me a unique opportunity to compare both bruins side-by-side. Although the chocolate bear was a good bear by any measure, compared to the much larger blonde bear, he finished a distant second. Those lessons were worth the trip. As both bears walked up the mountain and out of my life, I sat back and smiled. It had been a damn fine day. The big bear stayed high atop the mountain as nighttime fell.

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