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"Death By The Ton"
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"Death By The TON"
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

As the name implies, "Death by the TON" is jammed full of big animals bitting the dust, many at very close range. Filmed over four years in Tanzania, East Africa with professional hunter Mark Sullivan, this movie features incredible life and death action including what many believe is the finest rogue bull hippo charge ever recorded. If we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, then the front cover photo says it all. Three and a half tons of blood, bone and guts charging at top speed with only one thing on his kill me and my client utterly dead. All I can say, thank goodness for big bullets and brave clients!

There are more hunts for rogue bull hippo as well as five hunts for monster Cape buffalo. I also put together a remarkable collection of hi-lites lasting 11 minutes and containing over 95 gun shots. Jam-packed into this incredible sequence are 40 big bull buffalo and a half-dozen massive rogue bull hippo shot on camera, up-close and in your face. This unbelievable footage by itself is worth the purchase price of the movie.

In this movie you will see me hunting with a number of fine double rifles. My favorite, of course, is the .600 Nitro Express shooting 900 grain fist-sized bullets at 2,000 feet per second. I also use a beautiful Charles Osborne .577 (750 grain bullets) and a .500 Nitro Express (570 grain bullets) made by William Evans of London. I know that with any of these bone-crunching doubles in my hands I am only limited in what I can do by my imagination which explains why my movies are what they are; the most exciting hunting movies in the world. And unlike other professional hunters, I am not afraid to walk up and face death.

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Death by the TON is a great movie that you will watch over and over again.

Highest broadcast quality. Superior sound and editing.

Running time: 100 mins.

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