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"M'Bogo ~ Africa's Deadliest Game"
Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

In the Swahili language M'bogo means Cape buffalo. Once you hear it spoken by your African tracker, you never forget it. Many days have been jump-started by the very whisper of it. The excitement is infectious. Adrenaline sets in, minds clear, emotions run wild and men prepare for combat. It is no coincidence that over the years it has become my favorite word in any language.

M'bogo was filmed during the 1992 hunting season in the Moyowosi Game Reserve of western Tanzania. In those days the Moyowosi held the largest concentration of buffalo found on the African Continent. Even more surprising than their great numbers was the quality of the heads taken which were beyond compare.

In this movie you will see that largest and biggest Cape buffalo ever killed in one movie. With 80 guns shots compressed into 62 minutes there is not another movie like it in the world.

1992 was also the first year to use a .577 Nitro Express double rifle. I wanted to see what effect its 750 grain bullets travelling at 2150 feet per second would have on buffalo. To my surprise, the results were less than expected. I soon learned an important lesson; it is not the size or speed of the bullet that counts, but where it hits!.

This movie has plenty of gun shots; some good and some bad. But more importantly, you will see truly monster bulls hunted the right way, taking punishment the likes of which you've never seen before.

Running time: 62 mins.
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