A Final Good-Bye

All DVDs just $19.95 each!
Books just $45 each!

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Mark Sullivan Professional Hunter -A Final Good-ByeAll DVDs just $19.95 each!Books just $45 each!
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Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

It is with great pleasure that I announce the biggest sale Nitro Express Productions has ever offered. But before I do let me give you a little background you might enjoy.

As many of you know, the first movie I ever made was "Africa's Black Death!" This great blood-on- your-shoes movie was filmed in 1990 and premiered at the 1991 Safari Club Convention in Las Vegas. It sold for the amazing price of $49.95 and was available only on VHS. But that didn't stop folks from buying. What was then a small gathering of hunters I sold over 400 copies at that show. From that rather surprising beginning other movies soon followed. Each one unique and each one dedicated to hunting dangerous game the way I think it should be done. To date I have 14 fabulous movies and have authored and published two books; "Death and Double Rifles" and "Fear No Death". One of my DVD titles, "In the face of Death" is completely "sold-out" and will not be reissued. Eventually that will happen to all my movies and books as once I sell out of my inventory that's it. They will be gone and so will I. Yes, it's all coming to an end.

So I have decided to slash prices across the board. Instead of $49.95 you can buy any movie you want for just $19.95 each. Yes, you heard right; buy one, buy two, buy them all...it doesn't matter. They are just $19.95 each and this includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere within the Continental U.S.

And my books get the treatment too. Instead of $85 or $100 each you can buy them for just $45 each and this includes FREE shipping. And if I'm in town when your order crosses my desk I will personally personally and richly autograph each one.

But keep in mind, once my movies and books are gone - they're gone. So my advice is...you better hurry while supplies last.

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