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Cape Buffalo
I have been a licensed professional hunter in Tanzania, East Africa for the past thirteen years. In 1990, I made my first documentary safari film, Africa's Black Death.

Since its introduction to the world, Africa's Black Death has become the largest selling dangerous game hunting film of all time. The events depicted in that movie, more specifically the "blood on the shoes" buffalo charge, have forever changed my life.

I could never adopt the traditional approach of a gentleman's safari, established by the elite upper class as a diversion from everyday society. I would instead go back even farther to when man and beast could fight to the death, and the victor would respect his opponent's lost.

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Rogue Hippo
In addition to Africa's Black Death, I have produced six other action-packed documentary films featuring my unique manner and method of hunting dangerous game. My newest film, Death At My Feet, features two extraordinary buffalo charges and an incredible hippo attack that literally drop to their death mere feet in front of me.

To complement my movie collection, I recently published my first book, Death and Double Rifles. The main purpose of this book was to delve deeper into what lies behind my dangerous game hunting philosophy.

Using striking and vivid photographic images, I explain how I give the wounded buffalo or rogue bull hippo the choice of how he is to die in battle, in full charge. It is must-read for anyone who has ever hunted in Africa or has ever dreamed of one day following the safari trail.

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