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Video Clip Coming Soon -Hunting Video "Use Enough Death" by Mark Sullivan -
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Professional Hunter

* 105 Minutes Long!

* 10 Complete Hunts!

* No Commercials!

* Filmed entirely in High-Definition! (HD)

I consider "Death in Full Charge" to be my greatest hunting accomplishment. This movie features 10 complete hunts: two fabulous hippo charges, two magnificent maned lion, two huge leopard and four big massive Cape buffalo.

I should have been killed, but at 64 years of age I'm in my prime! ... Mark Sullivan, Professional Hunter

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Hunting Video "Use Enough Death" by Mark Sullivan -
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The only thing better than watching this movie is if you were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with me as we face black death. Which reminds me, when you're ready to book your next safari or your first, give me a call. I will be honored to take you.

This is Mark Sullivan, thanking you for your business!

Remember...shoot straight and always beware of...


Orders are now being taken!

High-Definition and Blu-Ray now available for immediate delivery!

Please note: there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for Blu-Ray! This is the finest dangerous game hunting movie I have ever made in 24 years.

Hurry, order yours today!
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