Hunting Philosophy

I am driven by my passion and self-belief for what I know is right.

Although it is fair to say that there are many excellent professional hunters in the business, the way I know and practice hunting dangerous game stands alone.

Many self-proclaimed high thinkers in safari circles have sorely criticized my technique and style, but I could never aspire to be the best in my profession unless I could hunt on my own terms. I am driven by my passion and self-belief for what I know is right.

Rather than deciding the fate of a wounded Cape buffalo by simply blasting him into oblivion on the follow-up, I would confront the grand warrior with my double rifle, and beckon him to choose his own destiny.

The very scenario I just described lies at the root of why my method of hunting has conjured such a dichotomous response of boo's and cheers. My numerous critics would have you believe that I am unethical and immoral for not killing the wounded Black Death immediately when first spotted. Obviously, I disagree.

What could possibly be more ethical or moral than to give the wounded beast a fighting chance, knowing full well that if I do not stop his charge, I will die? What more can I do to show my respect than to offer my life in return? This is a serious matter, because if I fail to kill him, I assure you, he will kill me. Death is certain to become one of us.

See for yourself -- I encourage you to watch my movies and come to your own conclusion. Then and only then will you know what I say is true.

Before continuing on, I must convey a word of caution. Do not attempt to mirror my technique and method unless you are willing to pay the ultimate price, because in order to be successful, you have to be prepared to die.

This is a personal choice; my personal beliefs in hunting dangerous game are mine and mine alone. My experiences are offered for entertainment purposes only and are not intented to be duplicated by experienced or inexperienced professional hunters or clients.

With that said, I offer what I believe is the finest hunting experience in the world. I conduct my safaris working with only the best operators in the finest areas in some of Tanzania's most beautiful and remote wilderness. Each camp is set and managed to the highest standard.

Clients enjoy the best of what I have to offer. My skilled and trained staff await your arrival to serve and cater to your every need. From the moment you step out of your air-charter plane and onto the airstrip at camp, a sea of smiling faces will greet you. The key word is service. If pampering is what you desire, it is here waiting for you in the bush.

I am proud to say that my hunting seasons year after year are filled with returning clients. The friendships I have made along the way will last a lifetime. I look forward to my hunting trips each season, as I am soon to meet up with old friends and of course create fond beginnings with new ones. In many ways, I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

I encourage you to watch my action-packed movies and gain even more insight on my hunting philosophy by reading my book. Despite what some have suggested, I never use any trick photography, nor do I have a team of professional hunters backing me up. What you see is what you get. This is the real deal, life and death, as you've never seen it before.

You can order all my products directly on this web site. One thing for certain, you will experience the most exciting dangerous game hunting that you have ever dreamed of in your life. Be careful, what you see may be contagious! You may even like it so much that one day you may choose to venture the bush with me.

Great Hunting and Best Wishes,

Mark Sullivan
Professional Hunter

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